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morning. and thanks for being with us. today, the white house begins a new wave of an all-outpublic relations war. >> that concern is being expressed in meetings nationwide, as well as online, and on talk radio. today, the president hits the road with an updated message. >> emily schmidt joins us from washington with details. good morning, emily. >> reporter: good morning, jeremy and vinita. this health care debate is growing so heated, that the aarp in texas canceled some of its town hall meetings. as president barack obama prepares for today's health care town hall meeting, he better be prepared for this. the health care reform debate is growing louder all across the country. >> a lot of us who had coverage that we're reasonably satisfied with are going to get dumped. you'rend simple. >> i want to make sure that kind of medicine never makes it here. >> i believe it's the president's intention to ramrod somethinthrough congress. >> monday, democrat ben cardin had to shout over protesters as he tried to explain the hlt care bill. democrats argue republicans and special int
trals to nortkorea to bring two american reporters home. >>> are ousands more u.s. troops going to afghanistan? itas a question that was considered at a supersececret meeting this past weend. >>> and rough flight. >> i woke up when mymy hd hit the ceiling. an ememergency l lanandiding af hitting turbulence over the atlantic. hitting turbulence over the atlantic. dozens are injured. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good morning. thanks for joining us on this tuesday. we start with breaking news on the fate of two american journalists held in north korea. former president clinton has arrived on a surprise visit to north korea. >> mr. clinton is expected to return with laura ling and euna lee. >> reporter: good morning, vinita. it is an extraordinary trip that is being made by former president bill clinton. clinton's visit to korea as there's heightened tensions over the nuclear programs. he hopes to win the freedom of those american journalists, laura ling and euna lee. he was greeted by the country's vice president and the vice foreign minister, who is also the country's chief
the border from iraq straight into an international incident. >>> finally found, the remains of the first u.s. casualty of the persian gulf war have been recovered in iraq. michael scott speicher's family waited 18 years. >>> and extreme caution. amid signs of economic recovery. but the obama administration isn't saying the tax hikes are but the obama administration isn't saying the tax hikes are off the table. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm vinita nair. >> and i'm andrea canning filling in for jeremy hubbard. there are intense diplomatic efforts to learn more about the fate of three americans being held in iran. >>> they were captured after hiking in a dangerous region on the border between iraq and iran. abc's sonia gallego is in london with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the families of the americans are still coming to terms with the news of their capture. and their arrest comes at a time of increased strain between iranian and the u.s. governments. the three, shane bauer from minnesota, a freelance journalist based in
. and thanks for being with us. u.s. efforts to get rid of the taliban and al qaeda may have gotten a major boost. that's because it appears that the top terrorist leader in pakistan has been killed in a cia drone attack. >> pakistani intelligence officials say that batula massoud is dead. and there's reports that his funeral has already been held. we get details from nick schifrin in islamabad. >> reporter: massoud is pakistan's eni number one. responsible for some of the worst terrorist attacks in the country's history. pakistani officials say he's killed more than 1,200 people in the last 2 years, including benazir bhutto. he's at the center of a nexus of terrorists that have threatened pakistan's future. this year, the u.s. has increased its targeting of massoud, using unmanned, cia drones. of the last ten attacks in the pakistani tribal areas, nine have targeted massoud and his network. in pakistan, the attacks are controversial. but the u.s. believes they are the only way to target the taliban and al qaeda, in the rugged terrain along the afghan border. >> over the past six months, we
. >>> good morning. thanks for joining us on this thursday. we now know the gunman who went on that deadly rampage at a suburban pittsburgh gym had no criminal record and no history of mental illness. but his chilling online diary, reveals a tortured, lonely man, fueled by hatred. >> the target of george sodini's rage, women. john berman has the latest from bridgeville, pennsylvania. >> reporter: police say george sodini had no relationship with any of the women he shot here. george sodini said he had no relationship with any women at all. we know that because the 48-year-old law firm systems analyst tried to tell us. in a soul-spilling blog. a road map to murder. why do this to young girls? he asks. just read below. in december of 2008, he writes, no girlfriend since 1984. who knows why. i'm not ugly or too weird. no sex since july 1990, either. the l.a. fitness club member fretted over appearance. december 29th, 2008. just got back from tanni. been doing this for a while. i actually look good. i dress good. am clean-shaven, bathe, touch of colon. yet, 30 million women rejected me over an
for being with us. well, it is election day in afghanistan. a big test of that nation's progress, with millions of voters choosing their next president. >> plus, security is a major concern today, as tiban threated to disrupt the process. nick schifrin joins us from kabul this morning, where thousands have already voted. how's it going so far, nick? >> reporter: jeremy, thousands are voting. thousands will continue to vote for the next few hours, until the polls are closed. but as you said, not without a few incidents. there was a major shootout between police and three taliban suicide bombers on the streets of kabul this morning. luckily, the police were able to kill two of those suicide bombers. the third escaped. police are still looking for them. they've actually since confiscated the cameras of some of the journalists who have gone to that scene. so, clearly, police are really concerned about the violence, concerned about reporting on that violence. the big concern about the violence and fears of promised violence across the country by the taliban, is that nobody will come a
megastar in the u.s. to promote a film about profiling of muslims is questioned by airport security. is it a case of life imitating questioned by airport security. is it a case of life imitating art? captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good morning, thanks for starting the week with us. breaking news from the florida panhandle. claudette becomes the first tropical storm to make landfall so far this season. >> it came ashore near ft. walton beach with 50-mile-an-hour winds and heavy rain. claudette is expected to move toward montgomery later today but there are other threats out in the gulf. claudette popped up almost overnight even with the storm's center offshore it made for a windy and soggy sunday. >> at dunk on apalachicola bay you can barely stand up on this dock, yet there are people who are going to try to tough it out in their boats tied up to the dock. there is a lady back down here. walk down here. the hell runner ii. he will stick it out on the storm no matter how much it bobs. >> reporter: shoppers raided grocery stores for supplies. some people like this woman headed inl
with us. we begin this morning with the violent weather, which has ravished parts of eastern texas. >> it started yesterday afternoon, in the houston area, with heavy rain, strong wind and at least one tornado. >> meanwhile, a construction worker died after rainwater flooded the tunnel he was working in. >> water came in from everywhere. they were saying. and didn't know where it was coming from. had to go in there while they were on air, breathing air. we had to have hoses in there. we didn't know what the atmosphere was. >> two men were able to escape. but a body of a third worker was found about 50 feet inside the tunnel. >>> in nearby beaumont, texas, a tornado struck without warning in a crowded shopping center, sending people running for their lives. the twister touched down outside the kohl's department store, around 2:00 tuesday afternoon, catching shoppers offguard. a worker at a nearby restaurant grabbed his cell phone, capturing this video of the twister's powerful winds. >> it went over towards walmart. and the car flipped over at walmart, which we hear had a lady insid
don't want to use the word nervous but nerve-racking. a midair collision is an airman's worst nightmare because the result is a crippled aircraft and an aircraft that's uncontrollable. it's a roadway in the sky. that's the way it works out air. it's below 1,100 feet in that exclusion zone. self-announced and it's an honor system really. >> the helicopter pilot had over 3,100 hours flying helicopters and the pilot of the small plane had owned it for over a decade. be sure to stay with us for "good morning america." the head of the ntsb will be here with the latest on the investigation. that's this morning starting at 7:00. >>> we are following a developing story in iraq this morning where a devastating wave of bombings has left dozens dead. near the northern city of mosul two truck bombs targeted a shiite neighborhood. at least 25 people were killed and more than 70 hurt. and in baghdad, two car bombs targeting construction workers killed at least 16 people and left more than 80 injured. no group has claimed responsibility, but the attacks appear to be the work of al qaeda. >>>
>>> it's wednesday, august 5th. in the news, homecoming. the two, u.s. journalists held in north korea since march are free, after months of diplomacy, and a former president's surprise visit. >>> health club horror. a gunman storms into a gym near pittsburgh and starts shooting, leaving dead and wounded in his wake. >>> and fighting flu. new plans for schools are about to be released. and now we know when the shots to be released. and now we know when the shots will likely start. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good morning. and thanks for being with us on this wednesday morning. former president bill clinton and the two, freed american journalists are heading home. laura ling and euna lee were freed from custody from the north korean government. >> a reunion is expected in california just hours from now. abc's sonia gallego is in london with details. >> reporter: good morning, jeremy. a happy ending to former president bill clinton's high-stakes mission to north korea. less than 24 hours after clinton arrived in the capital, pyongyang, he left the country with the freed amer
to change? >>> good morning, thanks for getting up with us on this wednesday. democratic lawmakers face another day of jeers and taunts at het care town hauls. >> one hosted his over the phone rather than face a rowdy crowd, others are hiring extra skurlt. >> so far crowds showing up to see president obama have been calm but haes two more major event this is week. emily smid is tracking the story from washington. >> good morning and more than a thousand pages in health care plan but town hall meeting had a whole new chapter. the debate is loud, passions are clear. >> you don't trust me? >> a it wit town hall meetings, leading to hurt feelings. >> i don't understand this rudeness. i don't get it. i honestly don't get hist do you think you're persuading people when you shout out like that? >> democrats trying to explain the push for health care overhaul are getting push back from pennsylvania -- >> one day god's going to stand before you and he's going to judge you. >> we just had a democraten administration of democracy. okay? >> to oklahoma. >> for 34 yes! >> reporter: where one man who
for being with us. we begin with the developing story from afghanistan this morning, where the presidential palace in kabul has been hit by mortars. >> no one was hurt in the attack, which comes, of course, just two days before presidential elections there. the police headquarters was also hit. the incident follows an attack yesterday, which killed an american service member and a civilian working for the military. the taliban has threatened to disrupt the elections. and warned afghans not to go to the polls. abc has a team of reporters in kabul covering the election, who will stay on top of this story. >>> the other big story this morning, the economy. despite the worst day on wall street since the early july, asian markets managed to close higher in today's trading. but only by a slim margin. >> investors are worried that consumers are not parting with their cash. for a look behind the number, emily schmidt joins us from washington. >> reporter: for weeks now, investigators have looked at the rallying markets as a sign the economy's headed in the right direction. the question today is, wh
paid for by abc, inc. >>> good morning. thanks for joining us on this tuesday. president obama takes a break from his vacation this morning, to make an announcement which may have a major economic impact for years to come. >> mr. obama is reappointing ben bernanke as chairman of the federal reserve for a second term. he is given credit for keeping the nation from economic catastrophe during the economic meltdown. >> john hendren has more on this story. >> reporter: good morning, jeremy and vinita. ben bernanke will be at the president's side this morning as the president makes the announcement from martha's vineyard. the president is expected to say, with bold action and outside-the-box thinking, bernanke put the brakes on the financial free-fall. bernanke's term doesn't expire for anher five months. there was no need for immediate action. but a white house source says the president believes that consistency is crucial. bernanke's a republican that was appointed by president bush. but he's earned widespread respect on both sides of the aisle. bernanke is expected to win easy approval
paid for by abc, inc. >>> good mororning. and thanksor being wh us. we begin witith t developing morning, w where the preresiden palace in kabul ha been hit by mortars. >>o one was hurt in e attack, which comes, of course, jujust twowo days bore presidential elections ththerer. the police headquarters was also hit. the incicident fol a attack yesterday,y, whihich killean americanan sererce member and a civilian working for the mililitary. the taliban has teaeatened to disrupt the elections. and warned a afghans notot to g the popolls. abc has a team of r reporters i will stay on top of thi storory. >>> the other big storyhis mornin the ononomy. despite the worst t day on wall streetince the e early july, asian markets managed d to cse higher in today'y's trading. but ononly b by a slilim margin. coumerers are t paparting wiwit theicash.for a look behind the emily schmididt jns us from washington. >>>> reporter: for weeks now, ininveigats have looooked at the rarallying markets as a sign th economy's headed in the rightht direction. the question today is, what happens when s stock
, the family told us in recent days, the bad days have outnumbered the good. there had been some word that his condition had warsened in coming days. the family released a statement just a short time ago, saying edward kennedy, the husband, father, grandfather, husband and uncle, that we loved so deeply, died tuesday night, in hyannisport. the inspiration of his faith, optimism and perseverance will live on in our hearts forever. as you know, just off the coast of massachusetts, in martha's vineyard, president obama, the first lady, and the children, are enjoying their first vacation since being elected to office. and there had been talk from secret service here at hyannisport, that the president may be checking in on the senator's progress. we do not know at this point, whether or not, and how soon the president will be visiting with the kennedy family, after himself hearing the news late last night. senator ted kennedy has succumb to the brain tumor he was diagnosed with just a year and a half ago. the family had gathered here. his wife, vicki. the children among them. patrick kennedy, of rh
-1 in favor of reform and the white house is now using e-mail and web videos to lay out its case. >> we hope to quell the misconceptions that are apparently held even by some in the senate about what the bill is and what the bill isn't. >> reporter: president obama faced a mostly friendly crowd at a town hall meeting he held earlier this week but today the tickets are given out first come, first serve which means that those who arrive early may come armed with some critical questions. we'll have to wait and see. vinita and stephanie, back to you. >> emily schmidt reporting in washington this morning, thanks. >>> people eager to weigh in on the health care debate overwhelmed congressional computers yesterday. a flood of e-mails overloaded the website for the house of representatives. later on "good morning america," another disturbing angle to the health care uproar which may be fueling anger against the president raising new concerns about his personal safety. don't miss the brian ross report later on "gma." >>> it was a tough night for thousands of firefighters battling flames on several fr
for by abc, inc. >>> good morningand thanks for joining us. there are new signs this morning that as the economy takes once step forward it takes two steps back. >> first, the housing market. new numbers released overnight show more americans on the verjs of losing their homes. foreclosure filings were up 7% in july compared to june, that is a 32% increase from the same period last year. one in every 355 homes received a foreclosure-related notice, the highest monthly level since realty trac published the numbers. nevada leads the nation in foreclosure. >> oneig step forward came yesterday with a meeting by the federal reserve, which decided to keep the key interest rate at the lowest level in history and hinted rates would remain low for a while and more positive news, the fid saying that current economic information quote, suggests that economic activity is leving out. a possible translation, the recession has hit bottom. >> of courses government spe spending billions trying to help the economy out of recession and billions adding up quickly. >> so far this year the governm
. >> emily schmidt joins us with more. >> reporter: good morning, jeremy and vinita. certainly, health care reform remains a top priority. but the new abc news/"washington post" poll shows the public may have some doubts. president obama stands behind his health care reform promise. >> i'm absolutely confident we can get this done. >> reporter: but for the first time, the president says that may have to happen without bipartisan help. >> i think early on, the decision was made by the republican leadership that said, let's not give them a victory. maybe we can have a replay of 1993/'94, when clinton came in. >> reporter: this comes after days of angry town hall meetings where people blame washington for trying to force change. an abc news/"washington post" poll overnight shows decreasing public support. 50% disapprove of the president's handling of health care. a key republican says there's still room for successful negotiation. >> the white house should be leading and trying to get 70 to 80 votes for anything as important as health care reform is, instead of worrying about blaming one party
at arlington national cemetery next to his brothers. >>> and stay with us for continuing coverage on senator kennedy's death. we'll hear from john mccain and orrin hatch coming up on "good morning america." >>> and later today, abc news will provide live coverage when the motorcade arrives in boston. >>> in other news, it could be a stormy day in boston for senator kennedy's funeral on saturday. drop cal storm danny is gaining strength and is forecast to be a category 1 hurricane by tomorrow. danny is on track to make landfall on cape cod saturday night. some areas could get six inches of rain and 12-foo waves. >>> in southern california, fire crews are bracing for a third day of battling flames in a dense forest area outside los angeles. two fires are now burning through heavy brush, choking the air with smoke. containing those wildfires is proving especially difficult because of extremely low humidity and blistering hot temperatures. >>> and now, for this morning's wehe ar omfrllll around the nation. strong storms from dallas to des moines, with large hail, fldagima winds and a chance of l
hurricane bill slam u.s. shores carrying several people out to sea. >>> and cash crunch. the program to turn in old cars ends tonight. most dealers have done record business, so why are they so most dealers have done record business, so why are they so worried? captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good morning and thanks for being with us.e attel iornterni reality tv contestant turned murder fugitive is over. the body of ryan jenkins was discovered late sunday an apparent suicide. >> he was wanted for the gruesome murder of his ex-wife in california but was found in an out of the way hotel in hope, british columbia where brian rooney picks up the story. >> reporter: the body was found here in aroom at the thunderbird motel in rural british columbia, 75 miles from vancouver. the manager said a young woman checked in for three nights thursday night at 6:30. that there was a man in a silver p.t. cruiser outside but that he never came n he said the woman gave a name and a license plate for the car and that she appeared to have left after about 20 minutes lving the man without a car for three days.
land, and one good samaritan. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good morning. thanks for joining us on this monday. the nation's second largest city of a place of fire, smoke and ash. >> a massive wildfire is burning out of control to the north of los angeles. it's called the station fire and overnight we learned that two firefighters were killed when their truck rolled down a hill. >> 71 square miles of land has been burned so far and mandatory evacuations are under way as 12,000 homes are now threatened. abc's john hendren has more. >> reporter: the skies darkened over los angeles as rural wildfires turned deadly raining ash down on the city. >> near mt. gleason in the angeles national forest two of our firefighters were in a vehicle and went over the side. both of them suffer ed fatality life-ending injuries. >> reporter: the fire consumed more than 71 square miles destroyed at least 18 structures and is threatening some 12,000 homes. fire officials say it is now endangering emergency communications facilities on nearby mt. wilson. the air quality around pasadena was so quick it
for being with us on this friday. it is a bittersweet homecoming for jaycee lee dugard. she was only 11 years old when she was snatched off a california street in 1991, in front of her horrified stepfather. >> he was unabled to stop the kidnappers and has been tortured by the image since. but as mike von fremd reports, she has turned up alive, after surviving a shocking 18-year ordeal. >> i'm very happy to be in front of you. geecy dugard was found alive. >> reporter: it is a reunion 18 years in the making. police say they believe at long last, little jaycee lee dugard has come home. >> reporter: to call this an improbable story is an understatement. it was spring 1991. 11-year-old jaycee was waiting for the school bus, her step-father close by. he says a car with two passengers pulled up and grabbed jaycee, and that he chased them, before calling 911. >> this is 911. >> my daughter was just kidnapped. top of the hill with a grey ford. man and a woman in the car. >> reporter: what ensued was one of the largest searches for an abducted child in california history. there were posters, rib
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